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Civil Engineering  Geosynthetics Engineering: In Theory and Practice
Title: Geosynthetics Engineering: In Theory and Practice
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Prof. J. N. Mandal
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink
Abstract: 1. Background of reinforced earth, mechanism and concepts, Basis of reinforced earth wall design.
2. Geosynthetics classifications, functions, applications, raw materials used. Different types of Geosynthetics, manufacturing, system, Design and sustainability.
3. Various properties of Geosynthetics, physical properties, mechanical properties, hydraulic properties & endurance properties, Nano material.
4. Mechanism of filtration and drainage functions & their applications, Design step for erosion control and geocomposite drainage.
5. Mechanisms and concept of pavement, design of unpaved road, Giroud and Noiray method, U.S. Forest services, airfield pavement design, reflection cracking, pavement rehabilitation and repair, Nano material.
6. Different types of facing elements, construction procedure, cost, design of Geosynthetics wrap around faced wall, geogrid reinforced soil walls, geocell wall, gabion wall.
7. Model for single and multi'layer reinforced slopes, guidelines for design of reinforced slopes, software for reinforced soil slopes.
8. Design of basal reinforced embankment, placement of Geosynthetics, construction procedure, widening of existing road embankments.
9. Consolidation techniques, Development of design chart for prefabricated vertical drains, ground instrumentation and monitoring, Design of encased stone columns, geocell/geofoam systems.
10. Bearing capacity of Geosynthetics reinforced soil system, geocell reinforced sand overlaying soft clay.
11. Geotextile tubes, geotextile containers, geotextile bags, dewatering waste and contaminated sediments, installation and design of geotextile tube.
12. Design of landfill liner, veneer slope stability without and with seismic analysis, run out length, settlement of landfill, advantage of LSS model.
13. Applications, advantage, function of geofoam, physical, mechanical and thermal properties of geofoam, design of embankment using geofoam, geofoam reinforced soil walls, New light weight fill material.
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