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Mathematics  Linear Algebra
Title: Linear Algebra
Department: Mathematics
Author: Dr. K.C. Sivakumar
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Systems of linear equations, Matrices, Elementary row operations, Row-reduced echelon matrices. Vector spaces, Subspaces, Bases and dimension, Ordered bases and coordinates.
Linear transformations, Rank-nullity theorem, Algebra of linear transformations, Isomorphism, Matrix representation, Linear functionals, Annihilator, Double dual, Transpose of a linear transformation.
Characteristic values and characteristic vectors of linear transformations, Diagonalizability, Minimal polynomial of a linear transformation, Cayley-Hamilton theorem, Invariant subspaces, Direct-sum decompositions, Invariant direct sums, The primary decomposition theorem, Cyclic subspaces and annihilators, Cyclic decomposition, Rational, Jordan forms.
Inner product spaces, Orthonormal bases, Gram-Schmidt process.
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