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Ocean Engineering  Port and Harbour Structures
Title: Port and Harbour Structures
Department: Ocean Engineering
Author: Prof. R. Sundaravadivelu
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: To make the students understand the basic principles of design of port and harbour structures.

The course will cover wide areas such as vessel types, types of harbours, design of entrance channel, turning circle, breakwaters, berthing structures, fenders, bollards, drydocks, slipways, shiplift and offshore structures like single buoy mooring and open sea jetty.

EIA studies like tranquility, shoreline evaluation, dredging, disposal of dredged material, etc will also be discussed.

The course is designed to give understanding of design principles, codal requirements, construction methodology, integrity monitoring, retrofitting and rehabilitation.

Case studies on preliminary project report (PPR) and detailed project report (DPR) on green field ports and modernization of existing ports will also be presented.
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