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Metallurgy and Material Science  Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
Title: Non-ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
Department: Metallurgy and Material Science
Author: Prof. H.S. Ray Mr. L Pugazhenthy
University: IIT Kharagpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: The course will discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of extraction of nonferrous metals. Starting with a brief survey of the early trends in metal extraction, the lectures will go on to present, within a logical, physico'chemical framework, the fundamental principles first.
The various methods will be considered for beneficiation, extraction and refining of nonferrous metals. The course will highlight the energy and environmental aspects of extraction processes. Modern developments in technology will also be discussed.
A distinguishing feature is that the metals are dealt with in groups ' their modes of occurrence being the basis of their grouping ' so as to emphasize the general similarities of extraction and the techniques needed for individual metals.
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