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Aerospace Engineering  Introduction to Propulsion
Title: Introduction to Propulsion
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Dr. D.P. Mishra
University: IIT Kanpur
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Basic Principles of Propulsion, Historical background, Conservation Equations, Review of basic thermodynamics, Review of compressible flow; Quasi One dimensional flow, Normal shock, Oblique shock, Rayleigh flow, Fanno flow, Air intake, Nozzle flow, Boundary layer flow,
Elements of combustion: Introduction to combustion; thermochemistry, Adiabatic temperature, premixed Flame and Diffusion Flame, Droplet combustion
Jet engines: Thrust expressions and performance parameters
Gas turbine ideal cycle analysis of ramjet, turbojet, turbofan and turboprop engines;
Performance characteristics of various components of gas turbine engines: air'intake, compressor, combustor, turbine, and nozzle; Gas turbine Real cycle analysis
Elements of Rocket Engine; Introduction rocket propulsion, classification of rocket engines, rocket engine performance, Types of propellant, Propellant and its composition, rocket engine nozzle and its performance; Solid rocket engine, liquid rocket engines and hybrid rocket engine
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