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Computer Science and Engineering  Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
Title: Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Author: Prof. Madhavan Mukund
University: Chennai Mathematical Institute
Type: WebLink
Week Lessons/Topics
Week 1 Informal introduction to programmin, algorithms and data structures viagcd
Downloading and installing Python
gcd in Python: variables, operations, control flow ' assignments, condition'als, loops, functions
Week 2 Python: types, expressions, strings, lists, tuples
Python memory model: names, mutable and immutable values
List operations: slices etc
Binary search
Inductive function de nitions: numerical and structural induction
Elementary inductive sorting: selection and insertion sort
In'place sorting
Week 3 Basic algorithmic analysis: input size, asymptotic complexity, O() notation
Arrays vs lists
Merge sort
Stable sorting

Week 4 Dictionaries
More on Python functions: optional arguments, default values
Passing functions as arguments
Higher order functions on lists: map, lter, list comprehension
Week 5 Exception handling
Basic input/output
Handling files
String processing
Week 6
Backtracking: N Queens, recording all solutions
Scope in Python: local, global, nonlocal names
Nested functions
Data structures: stack, queue
Week 7 Abstract datatypes
Classes and objects in Python
"Linked" lists: find, insert, delete
Binary search trees: find, insert, delete
Height'balanced binary search trees
Week 8 Effcient evaluation of recursive de nitions: memoization
Dynamic programming: examples
Other programming languages: C and manual memory management
Other programming paradigms: functional programming
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