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Biotechnology  Biomathematics
Title: Biomathematics
Department: Biotechnology
Author: Dr. Ranjith Padinhateeri
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Graphs and functions, Derivative of a function, Techniques of differentiation Differentiation and its application in Biology, Finding maxima, minima, Plotting functions, Integrals, Techniques of Integration
Scalars and vectors. Force, Concentration gradient, Polar coordinates
Differential equations, Nernst Equation, Diffusion Equation, Mean'square displacement, Einsteinís relation
Probability and Statistics: Mean and variance, Distribution functions: Normal Distribution, Uniform distribution, Poisson distributions, Knudsonís analysis, Wright'Fisher model, Fitting a function to experimental data
Fourier Series, Fourier transform, Z'transform, Discussion of the use of Fourier transformation in X'ray crystallography, and other areas in biology.
Modeling biological problems: Statistical thermodynamics,
Flexible proteins''size and conformations, Polymerization dynamics, Molecular motor motion, Bending and looping of DNA, Protein organization along DNA
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