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Electronics & Communication Engineering  ARM Based Development
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Title: ARM Based Development
Department: Electronics & Communication Engineering
Author: S.Chandramouleeswaran
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink
Abstract: The goal of this course is to teach all the assembly instructions of ARM7TDMI processor and its internal functioning, enabling students to understand any other processor architectures at ease.
Provide good understanding of how coprocessors are interfaced with ARM core and how coprocessors can be programmed.
Provide an in'depth understanding of the Floating point representation and the VFP coprocessor implementation in particular.
Cover the details of cache architectures, AMBA bus, virtual memory management concepts with the detailed explanation on the Memory Management Unit (MMU) and Memory Protection Unit (MPU).
Give good overview of various peripherals used with ARM core and it basic functioning.
Touch upon later versions of ARM7 processor and their features and new developments.
Learning outcomes:
Understand ARM7TDMI assembly instructions and their formats and usage.
Become very good in writing ARM7 based assembly level programs.
Ability to understand how various coprocessors are interfaced in an SoC.
Become very conversant and knowledgeable in cache design, virtual memory and memory protection concepts and their implementation details in a typical SoC designs.
Have a good understanding on AMBA bus architecture, various HW peripherals in SoCs and how they can be used or to be designed.
Good understanding and issues to be handled in using any processor SW tools chain for embedded software solution development.
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