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Civil Engineering  Seismic Analysis of Structures
Title: Seismic Analysis of Structures
Department: Civil Engineering
Author: Dr. T.K. Datta, Dr. Ashok Gupta
University: IIT Delhi
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Seismology' tectonic plates, causes of earthquake, soil effects, seismic hazard analysis;Earthquake inputs ' spectrums, PSDFs, design spectrum, predictive relationship; Response analysis for specified ground motion ' time and frequency domain analyses of structures for single and multi point excitations; Response spectrum method of analysis ' equivalent lateral load, response spectrum method for classically and non classically damped systems, response spectrums given in different codes:
Spectral analysis for random excitations' fundamentals of random vibration for spectral analysis, spectral analysis of structures for single and multipoint excitations;
Inelastic analysis of structures ' incremental analysis for SDOF and MDOF systems, push over analysis, ductility, inelastic spectrum
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