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Electrical Engineering  Power System Dynamics and Control
Title: Power System Dynamics and Control
Department: Electrical Engineering
Author: Dr. A.M. Kulkarni
University: IIT Bombay
Type: WebLink
This course first introduces a student to power stability problems and the basic concepts of modeling and analysis of dynamical systems.

Modeling of power system components ' generators, transmission lines, excitation and prime mover controllers ' is covered in detail.

Stability of single machine and multi'machine systems is analyzed using digital simulation and small'signal analysis techniques.

The impact of stability problems on power system planning, and operation is also brought out.


Introduction to Power System Stability.

Analysis and Modeling of Dynamical Systems.

Modeling of Synchronous Machines.

Modeling of Excitation and Prime Mover Systems, Transmission Lines and Loads.

Stability Issues in Interconnected Power Systems.

Power System Stability Analysis Tools.

Enhancement of Power System Stability.
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