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Humanities and Social Sciences  Health Research Fundamentals
Title: Health Research Fundamentals
Department: Humanities and Social Sciences
Author: Dr. P. Manickam Dr. Sanjay Mehendale Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur Dr. Tarun Bhatnagar Dr. R Ramakrishnan Dr.
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: National Institute of Epidemiology [NIE], Indian Council of Medical Research [ICMR] is offering online programmes on conduct of human bio'medical research. The programme will be offered as NIE'ICMR e'Certificate NIeCer ' Courses. The first in this series, NIeCer 101:Health Research Fundamentals, is a basic level course in health research methods. It will explain the fundamental concepts in epidemiology and bio'statistics related to research methods. This course will provide an overview of steps and principles for designing bio'medical and health research studies among human participants.
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