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Atmospheric Science  Introduction to Atmospheric Science
Title: Introduction to Atmospheric Science
Department: Atmospheric Science
Author: Prof. C. Balaji
University: IIT Madras
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Introduction: The components of the climate system' oceans, cryosphere, terrestrial biosphere, earth s crust and mantle, Role of various components in climate, Hydrological cycle, Carbon cycle, Brief history of climate and the earth system
Atmospheric thermodynamics: Gas laws, Hydrostatic equation, First law, Adiabatic processes, Water vapour in air, Static stability, Second law and entropy, atmospheric dispersion
Radiative transfer: EM spectrum, Radiation laws, Physics of absorption, emission and scattering, Radiative transfer in atmosphere, Planetary radiation budget, Introduction to Remote Sensing
Atmospheric Dynamics: Equations of motion, Geostrophic approximation, Atmospheric General Circulation
Atmospheric Boundary Layer: Surface energy balance and bulk aerodynamic formulae' Vertical structure
Climate dynamics: Present day climate' Climate variability Climate sensitivity and feedback Global warming Climate monitoring and prediction
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