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Aerospace Engineering  Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics and Dynamics
Title: Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics and Dynamics
Department: Aerospace Engineering
Author: Prof. A.R. Manjunath Prof. C. Venkatesan
University: Embedded Systems Professional
Type: WebLink
Abstract: Course Outline:
1. Historical Development of Helicopters.
2. Helicopter Configuration.
3. Control Requirements.
4. Types of Rotor Systems.
5. Basic Power Requirements.
Introduction to Hovering Theory.
1. Momentum Theory.
2. Blade Element Theory.
3. Combined Blade Element and Momentum theories for non uniform inflow calculation.
4. Ideal Rotor Vs Optimum Rotor.
Vertical Flight.
1. Various flow states of Rotor.
2. Autorotation in Vertical Descent.
3. Ground Flight.
Forward Flight.
1. Momentum Theory.
2. Variable Infow Models.
3. Blade Element Theory.
4. Rotor Reference Planes.
5. Hub Loads.
6. Power variation with forward speed.
7. Rotor Blade flapping Motion: Simple Model.
Helicopter Trim and Stability.
1. Equilibrium condition of helicopter.
2. Trim analysis.
3. Basics of helicopter stability.

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