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Chapter 1: Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
Zeroth Law And Fundamental Concepts
Chapter 2: First Law of thermodynamics
First Low - Ii
Chapter 3: Second Law of thermodynamics
Second Law And Its Corollaries - I
Chapter 4: Thermodynamics systems and process
Thermodynamic Property Relations - I
Chapter 5: Carnot cycle irrversibility and availability
Second Law And Its Corollaries - I
Second Law And Its Corollaries - Ii
Gas Power Cycle - I
Chapter 6: behaviour of ideal
Properties Of Pure Substances: Ideal Gases
Chapter 7: behaviour of real gases
 properties Of Ideal Gases
Chapter 8: properties of pure substances
 joule-kelvin Expansion: Properties Of Pure Substances
Chapter 9: calculation of work & heat in ideal process
Vapors Power Cycle - I
Chapter 10: Analysis of Thermodynamic cycles related to energy conversion
Gas Power Cycle - Iii
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