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Chapter 1: Design for Static and Dynamic Loading
Design For Static And Fatigue Loading
Design For Strength
Chapter 2: Failure Theories
Theories Of Failure
Design For Strength
Chapter 3: Fatigue Strength and SN diagram
Spectacular Failures
Chapter 4: Principles of the design of machine elements - Riveted joints
Rivet Joints
Chapter 5: Principles of the design of machine elements -Welded joints
Design Of Welded Joints - I
Chapter 6: Shafts
Design Of Shafts
Chapter 7: Brakes
Design Of Brakes - I
Design Of Brakes - Ii
Chapter 8: Spur Gears
Surface Fatigue Of Spur Gears
Chapter 9: Rolling & Sliding Contact bearing
Rolling Element Bearings
Design Of Machine Elements - I (v & W)
Chapter 10: Clutches
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