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Chapter 1: Sub-surface investigations
Conjunctive Use Of Ground And Surface Water
Design And Construction Of Container Yards Using Geosynthetics
Erosion Control Of Soils Using Geosynthetics
Chapter 2: Sampling
Markov Vector Approach-5 And Monte Carlo Simulation Approach-1
Monte Carlo Simulation Approach-6
Random Events And Probability Concept
Chapter 3: Penetration tests
Soil Exploration - Penetration Tests
Chapter 4: Plate load test
Geosynthetics In Flexible Pavements And Carbon Foot Print Analysis
Estimation Of Gmax, Modulus Reduction Curves, Variation Of Damping Ratio, Cyclic Plate Load Test
Chapter 5: Stability of slopes
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Embankments
Chapter 6: Shallow foundations - bearing capacity
Response Of Footings Resting On Reinforced Foundation Soils
Bearing Capacity Analysis Of Footings Resting On Reinforced Foundation Soils
Bearing Capacity Improvement - I
Bearing Capacity Improvement - Ii
External Stability Analysis Of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
Soil Embankments Supported On Geocell Mattresses
Sustainable Infrastructure Development & Natural Geosynthetics
Geosynthetics For Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
Geosynthetic For Ground Improvement
Geosynthetic For Improvement In Bearing Capacity
Chapter 7: Stress distribution
Geosynthetics In Pavements
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